Tea Packaging

Packaging Tea Illustration

I selected different kinds of tea for each season and made an illustration around that theme.
For exemple, «Hōjicha » is a roasted green tea that is very popular in Japan. Due to its low caffeine content, this tea is very appreciated
in the evening. Hōjicha has an earthy and soothing taste that pairs nicely with meals such as sushi and sashimi.

I personnaly like drinking a Hōjicha in autumn.
This season is a time of introspection and a return to an inner calmness before the cold of the winter arises.
That’s why I imagined a calm and minimalist scenery for my illustration with a heron and some reeds.
I played with a neutral beige and rosewood colour to reflect the calmness that comes with this time of year.

Jardin Zen is a self-initiated project.
Following my passion for tea, I imagined a tea company named Jardin Zen and I made a series of tea boxes. Jardin Zen means Zen Garden.


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  • Packaging
  • Food Tea
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