Calendrier Thés 2024

Calendar Tea Illustration

I’m so happy to share with you my passion for tea with a new calendar.

Back in 2016 I made my very first illustrated calendar for my friends and family. It was all about tea (already ;-). As the calendar was a sucess, I printed more copies and started to sell my calendar, along with some postcards, on my Etsy shop, at a few shops and at a Christmas Market. That period also marked the beginning of « My Blueberry Note ».

A few years (and calendars) later, I wanted to make a new version of the Tea Calendar as my style has evolved. But also because the ritual of drinking a tea has become more anchored in my daily routine.

The first calendar was more about teas and infusions that we consume here in Europe. The new one is more focused on teas and aesthetic from Japan and China. Teas like Matcha, Sencha, Japanese black tea, Keemun, Oolong for exemple. I also enjoyed drawing different type of teaware, teacups and teapots.

Once again, I’m happy to share my passion for tea with you 🙂

You can find the calendar and some cards with tea illustrations on my online shop My Blueberry Note.


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